Gabrielle Zandan is a fiber artist living in Austin, Texas. She started Copper Dot Weaving as a way to express her passion for textiles and handmade crafts (and as a way to make use of her ever-growing yarn collection). Gabrielle is a self-taught weaver and is most inspired by combining the natural textures and color of the fiber into modern geometric designs. She loves the "no-rules" process of weaving and that each weaving is completely unique. Copper Dot Weaving was created with the intention to extend Gabrielle's enthusiasm for the amazing art of woven textile in a fun and accessible way.  

Each tapestry is handwoven on a lap-loom and created with a variety of fibers including (but certainly not limited to) wool, linen, silk, bamboo, yarn blends and ribbon. Weavings are hung on a copper pipe and "signed" with a copper bead.  Every weaving is truly one of a kind. Whether you choose a pre-made design or commission a custom piece, Copper Dot Weaving's handwoven wall hangings are sure to provide a distinctive style and warmth to any room.